Divine Hands International University

An Autonomous International / Interdenominational Seminary for Professional Ministers (A Spiritual Higher Educational wing of Divine Hands International Ministries)

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Beloved Brother/Sister

“ Why settle a job within four walls; When your service required to whole humanity around the world?

Think……….Pray………and Become a Minister of God the Almighty.


No Matter How Old are you are….

FDHIU – Teaches/ Trains/Transforms and Ordain Men and Women from all denominations which has Faith as per our faith statement and similar in doctrines as we are.

Convert your hands from Just Hands to Divine Hands!

Earn Your Religious Credential in Shortest possible time by using a combination of

1. Previous Theological Studies and
2. Previous Ministerial Experience.

DHIU – Offers

DHIU – Offers qualified Men and Women the opportunity to earn their religious Credentials with life experience and educational Qualifications. Now Every Student can earn,


DHIU – Ordain

DHIU – Ordain Qualified Men and Women through it’s Parent Ministry, DIVINE HANDS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES as

Evangelist | Pastor | Reverend | Bishop | Apostle

through the power and authority given by HOLY SCRIPTURES ( Bible Verses).


We view Ordination as a “ CALING BY GOD THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT”. Individuals who have been Ordained as Minister may Marry, Burry, Sanctify and Bless and are granted all of the rights and responsibilities. Ordained Ministers are independent and may form their own congregation anywhere in the world as per the provisions of the Law of the Land.

We receive Donations

We receive Donations with thanks for the following Programs and Schemes.

Evangelical Programs | Missionary Programs | Church Development Programs | University Development Programs | Students Supports
( Scholarship) Programs.

Widows Welfare Schemes | Child Welfare Schemes | Community Development Schemes | Irrigation Help Schemes | Medical Help Schemes


DHIU – is an Theological Higher Education wing of Divine Hands International Ministries and which is registered in India under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Book IV, D-III, Page 8 of Regd No:421/2012.

All the Courses and Certificates offered by DHIU – is not Accredited by Government or Not Accredited by any department of Govt. Hence there is no such department to accredit Biblical Studies. DHIU is an Christian Theological Educational Institution.

We Divine Hands International University was a autonomous body; So, as we mentioned in early pages, We do not need any accreditation or Affiliation. But as we are the body of Christ should have brotherly relationship with every human beings we have Association with many Organizations located across the Globe.

Accredited & Affiliated with :-

International Theological Accreditation Commission – Jerusalem
International Institutes of Church Management – Florida, USA
World-Wide Accrediting Commission of Christian Educational Institutions – Richmond, Virginia, USA
Certified Member of Apostolic Council of Educatonal Accountability – CO, USA
Participant member of United Nations Global Compact – NY, USA