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“ But the hours is coming,and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth; for the father is seeking such to WORSHIP Him”. – John.4:23.

“ WORSHIP “ This is the word which glitters in modern world of Christianity. But Most of them – not understanding the meaning of the True WORSHIP which inducted by god at John.4:23. Let us try to Understand in light of scriptures under the Holy Spirit guidance.

Is God just a pretty, Arrogant being who demands us worship and praise to feed His ego or is there a more noble reason fro him desiring WORSHIP? Does God seek extravagant, Entertaining, Outward expressions of WORSHIP or Just simple heart felt expressions that Spring from deep within ( Philip.3:3 ) ? Man glories in outwardly impressive displays, where as God glories in the inward movement that articulates itself in WORSHIP.


A. Five kinds of WORSHIPS :-

Among religious activities, we see many different expressions of WORSHIP’S forward God describe each of them,
* Ignorant – Act.1:7-23.
* Vain – Math.15:8-9.
* Self Righteous – Luke.18:9-14.
* Self Imposed – Colosians.2:23
* Spiritual – John.4:23-24

B. WORSHIP in Spirit and Truth – John.4:19-24.

What is Jesus telling us about nature of WORSHIP ? the common explanation is that WORSHIP is to include the right Spirit and the right Actions, But notice Jesus is making a contrast between two expressions of WORSHIP. To this woman at the well(John.4:21).

* Did the Old testament WORSHIP reqiure the right Spirit and right Actions? ( Math.15:7-9, Isa.1:10, Malachi.1:6-14).
* Did the New Testament WORSHIP require the right Spirit and right Actions ? ( MAth.15:7-9).
* Wht is the contrast then ? Wht would be the difference between Onl Testament WORSHIP and New Testament WORSHIP? What Moses brought and Jesus Brought?
( John.1:17, Colosians.2:14,16-17, Hebrew.8:4-6,9:9-10,10:1-14)
* What is necessary for us to be true WORSHIPERS ?
( John.4:23-24, Philip.3:3)
* Would it be right, wrong or different. If we went back to the WORSHIP of the Old Testament Law ?
( Heb.9:9-15, Rom.7:1-6, Galasians.5:14 ).


It is very important that, Our Expressions of WORSHIP to God be constant with His will and be from the depth of our Hearts. God despises WORSHIP that is done only show. True WORSHIP has graduated from the Outward aspects of the Old Testament Law to the Inward expressions of the New Testament Law.

Let us keep it in on that High Spiritual Plane and enjoy the Experience of TRUE WORSHIP.

Dear Co worker of His wine yard, Till next devotion, Dig into this topic WORSHIP much Prayers and Praising. Be filled and Blessed.

Your Co worker,

Dr.Reuben B. Solomon,
Chief Administrator – DHIU.

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